Surrogacy Process

Agreeing to provide a couple or individual with this gift is extraordinary, truly appreciated and admirable. Our staff here at Family Tree Surrogacy Center has been through the process of being a Surrogate, so we are able to provide additional support to our surrogates.

Steps for Surrogacy

    • Submit an Application
    • Interview with staff member
    • Become matched with Intended Parents
    • Psychological Evaluation
      • Surrogate is evaluated through testing by a licensed mental health professional experienced in fertility counseling. Her spouse/partner will be interviewed.
    • Medical Screening
      • Evaluation Cycle: Surrogate is evaluated to determine her medication protocol to best prepare her uterus for implantation.
    • Legal Contract
      • Once you have been medically cleared the legal gestational contract will begin. Contract finalization may take up to 6 weeks.
    • IVF Medical Cycle Preparation
      • Cycle Synchronization: Intended Mother or Egg Donor and Surrogate in many cases are given birth control and Lupron to synchronize cycles to ensure the best chance of a pregnancy.
      • Hormonal Therapy: Intended Mother or Egg Donor and Surrogate will begin hormone therapy approximately one month prior to the embryo transfer.

Pregnant Women Meeting At Ante Natal Class

  • Egg Retrieval
    • Mature eggs are retrieved from the Intended Mother or Egg Donor.
  • Embryo Transfer
    • Fertilized Eggs are grown and developed into a healthy viable embryo.
    • One to Three embryos are implanted into the Surrogate.
    • Surrogate remains on bed rest for approximately 24 to 72 hours and continues hormone therapy.
    • Hormone Therapy continued through the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (First Trimester)
  • Pregnancy
    • Family Tree Surrogacy Center remains active during your pregnancy offering monthly support groups, personal case management and yearly pampering retreats.
  • Delivery
    • A social worker from your delivering hospital will be assigned to your case. The social worker is the person that informs the hospital you are a surrogate and requests information needed prior to the intended parents arrival.
  • Post Delivery
    • Wellness Program: Relaxation and pregnancy massage is offered during pregnancy and through 1 month after birth.