Wellness Program

Welcome to our Wellness Program

Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC offers our surrogates pregnancy massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, pre-natal vitamins and birth coaching starting once contracts have been signed with your intended parents. Research shows that women who take high end pre-natal vitamins, regularly receive birth coaching during an IVF cycle and while pregnant have fewer pregnancy related complications and are more likely to experience a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

The benefits of birth coaching are:

  • Reduces stress and morning sickness
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • ​Regulates breathing and pain during birth
  • Lowers risk of premature labor
  • ​Turns breech and posterior babies
  • ​Enhances baby's habits of sleeping and eating

Eating Healthy Salad


The benefits of pregnancy massage are less back pain, strengthens your immune system, relieves anxiety, increases oxygen flow and blood circulation, reduces swelling and provides relaxation.


Family Tree Surrogacy Center (FTSC) offers a unique Wellness Program to their gestational surrogates in order to improve pregnancy rates and outcomes! For more information, please visit San Diego’s leading wellness center for women’s health, pregnancy and fertility. www.conceptionwellness.com/FTSC/

Prismatic Hypnotherapy Birth Coaching

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