Our Professional Network

Professional Network

Trusted & Reliable Professionals

Family Tree Surrogacy Center works with dedicated, experienced professionals in all areas of the surrogacy field including psychologists, fertility doctors and legal representation for all parties involved.


We work with many professionals throughout the United States, including some listed below.

Legal Representation

Klein Fertility Law

Brian Klein, Esq.

English, Spanish & Chinese speaking staff

International Fertility Law Group

Richard Vaughn, Esq.

English, Spanish & Chinese speaking staff

Mahan & Mahan, Attorneys

Paula Mahan, Esq.

English, Spanish & Chinese speaking staff

The Global Healthcare Law Group

Kristen E. B. Montez

Meyers & O’Hara

Lori Meyers & Milena O’Hara


Family Health Psychology

Katherine Ellis-Hernandez, PhD

Fertility Psychologist

Saira Jhutty, PhD

License #25725

Marriage and Family Therapy Inc

Andrea Bryman, LMFT


Dr. Sylvia Marnella, Ph.D.

Fertility Clinics

HRC Fertility

15 Doctors 9 Locations

San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC)

Dr. Chuan, Dr. Daneshmand, Dr. Park

​English, Chinese & Spanish speaking staff

Pacific Fertility Center LA (PFCLA)

Dr. Vicken Sahakian

English, Chinese, French & Spanish speaking staff

La Jolla IVF

Dr. David Smotrich

English, Chinese & Spanish speaking staff

Fertility Specialists Medical Group

Dr. Arlene Morales, Dr. Wendy Shelly

English & Spanish speaking staff

Reproductive Partners Medical Group

Dr. Gabriel Garzo, Dr. Irene Su

English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French & Italian

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Dr. Bruce Shapiro

English, Chinese, French, German, Italian & Spanish speaking staff

Offices in Henderson, Nevada & Los Angeles, California

Cord Blood Bank


English, Chinese & Spanish speaking staff

Insurance Services

Whillock Insurance Services

Staci Whillock

BMI Calculator