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Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC provides services to those interested in becoming a parent as well as surrogates and egg donors, from across the United States, as well as intended parents from around the world. Our Phoenix surrogacy agency office is here to best help intended parents, surrogates and donors from Arizona, as well as potential parents from around the world.


Our Phoenix surrogacy office is located close to excellent fertility clinics, making it easy for everyone considering surrogacy to begin their journey. And while it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to visit your surrogacy agency, if you live in the southwestern part of the U.S, you can easily visit our surrogacy agency in Arizona.

Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC

2375 E Camelback Rd Suite 240

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Our surrogate agency helps individuals and couples all over the world to start a family through surrogacy. Our professional and experienced team is ready to guide and assist you through your journey, from inception to delivery.

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Together we ensure you have the best surrogacy journey possible.

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Help couples and individuals fulfill their dream of having a family.

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Give the most remarkable and generous gift of all.

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