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If you are looking to make a difference in another person’s life, you’re already one step closer. Becoming an egg donor is a fulfilling and exciting journey that supports the dreams of those who are looking to become parents. It takes a very generous and compassionate person to give both their time and commitment to help infertile couples or single individuals.


Thanks to the thoughtful consideration of egg donors, like yourself, many of our clients become happy parents-to-be.


If you’re looking for a reliable San Diego egg donor program, here at Family Tree Surrogacy Center your kindness is always appreciated.

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What is becoming an egg donor like?

There is no doubt that you have many questions as a potential donor. No worries! We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns.  Just know that with our supportive team you are never alone while going through this honorable process.


Becoming an egg donor allows you to make an optimistic impact in a person’s life. Whether a woman has a medical issue or another reason, there are many couples as well as single individuals around the world who want a baby and need a donor. When you donate your eggs you have an opportunity to fill a need you would never have expected; helping a family form. Women are said to say they feel empowerment and a great amount of empathy after aiding someone in such an irreplaceable way.


As an egg donor, you are given generous compensation for both your time and effort. Many women donate simply for the act of selflessness and generosity. Nevertheless, you are compensated for your dedication, time, and willingness to ultimately become a positive provider in someone else’s life. Many women who are donors use the payment to pay off debt, go to grad school, travel abroad, or for future plans.


Being an egg donor will also help you accomplish a new goal. Through the process of application, to testing, and ultimately the day of egg donation, it takes serious responsibility and dedication for you as a donor. The egg donation process can take anywhere from up to 3 or 4 months, so taking this opportunity proves that you are a devoted person that follows through on your goals. You may even learn something about yourself that you would have never expected.


Finally, becoming an egg donor is a great opportunity to learn more about your body. Through medical checkups and simple tests, as a donor, you will learn about menstrual cycles, human reproduction, the exact number of eggs you currently have and so much more.


Is it right for you?

If you have taken a look at the requirements for egg donors, but are still wondering if the process is right for you, rest assured that Family Tree Surrogacy Center is here to create a win-win situation for both parties. By offering infertile couples and individuals your generosity, you are creating a new sense of hope for soon-to-be families and we show great appreciation for your choice to do so. We assure you that our team will be by your side every step of the way, making the procedure graceful and stress-free.


Making a significant change

There’s no question that donors make a remarkable difference to the lives of other people. Many intended parents are looking for donors who potentially have characteristics that resemble themselves, such as being artistic, passionate, well-educated or humorous. Our program is a diverse community, so we are constantly looking for women of all types and backgrounds who are willing to donate their eggs. The process is rewarding, not only for the receivers but for you as a donor as well.


If you have ever known someone who struggled with infertility, you know that it is a heartbreaking and challenging obstacle. While donors are typically anonymous, in some circumstances the donor is able to receive updates and stay in future contact. Whether this or a more traditional process may seem like something you would be interested in, you won’t regret your decision. Complete an online egg donor application today and start creating change.

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