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LGBTQ+ Parenting

Everyone should have the chance to become a parent!

Assisting LGBTQ+ singles and couples create families

Family Tree Surrogacy Center assists LGBTQ+ couples and individuals that have a desire to create a family; whether legally married or partnered.

Through egg donation and a surrogate mother, LGBTQ+ intended parents can have a child who is biologically related to them; especially since adoption at times can pose to be a very difficult and lengthy process. LGBTQ+ intended parents will be recognized as the rightful and legal parent of the child under the California Surrogacy and Egg Donation laws. There are other States that recognize this law as well, so choosing a surrogate from other surrogate friendly States is possible.

Family Tree Surrogacy Center offers various options for LGBTQ+ intended parents in a supportive and amiable environment so any couple or individual can build their family through egg donation and surrogacy. We are here for you through your incredible journey to build your family tree.

The State of California offers one of the most legally favored environments for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements for same sex couples and singles. Either a single male’s, female’s or partner’s names will be placed on the birth certificate preventing the need for a second parent adoption, which is required in many other States.

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