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Become a Surrogate

Make dreams come true by becoming a surrogate mother

At Family Tree Surrogacy Center, we have helped individuals and couples for many years by giving them the ultimate gift of life through surrogacy. We are looking for extraordinary women who are great candidates for becoming healthy and accountable surrogates.

There is nothing more important and beautiful than being able to provide the life of a baby to a family in need of your assistance. We take great care of our surrogate mothers and we ensure the perfect match will be made for both the parents and the surrogate.

The struggles and hopes of would-be parents are what makes the generosity and sacrifices of surrogates so invaluable. Take the first step to becoming a surrogate mother with Family Tree Surrogacy Center, and discover the unique and selfless joy of giving the gift of life.

The joy of becoming a surrogate mother

The true joy of surrogacy is in knowing that by giving life to a hopeful family, a surrogate is expanding the love in the world. Having faced the disappointments and heartbreak of not being able to conceive or give birth to their own biological children, you can create hope for many people wishing to start a family.

Surrogacy is simply the greatest gift you can give someone. You are providing the intended parents the ultimate gift that provides the center block of having a family, a child. Not only is the entire process a unique and extraordinary experience for the parents, but for the surrogate as well. Close, life-long relationships are sometimes formed during this amazing journey, and bringing everyone involved an unimaginable joy.

Giving families a chance

As a surrogate you are not only bringing life to the world, but you are giving a family who couldn’t ever have children of their own another chance. At Family Tree Surrogacy Center, we offer a generous surrogate compensation package.

There are many women who cherish the wonders of pregnancy. They view it as a wonderful and illuminating experience that lets them bask in the glow of creation. Surrogates not only feel empowered by pregnancy, but they also get to experience the true joy in knowing that the baby they give birth to will be in the hands of a loving couple whose lives will be better because of that child.

While giving a child to another family can be difficult, it is also one of the most selfless acts any person could undertake. The surrogate mother’s generous spirit and her sacrifice allow other couples to experience the true happiness of having a family.

How the surrogacy process works

To be considered for surrogacy, the first step is to complete an online application. If you meet all prerequisites to become a surrogate mother and successfully complete the application, the actual process can begin.

The process of becoming a surrogate requires vetting to ensure the health and safety of the carrier, the future child, and the recipient couple. The surrogate must submit to an in-depth screening, which involves medical screenings, psychological evaluations, and background checks.

The staff at Family Tree Surrogacy Center will guide the matching process to pair surrogate mothers to the recipient family. After legal contracts have been completed, the in-vitro fertilization takes place, which hopefully leads to successful conception.

At Family Tree Surrogacy Center, we consider our surrogates to be like family. Recognizing the selflessness and generosity of all women who join our program, we try to make the surrogacy process as smooth as possible.

Throughout the journey, we will provide full support and take care of all medical, legal and financial aspects. That way, your only concern is the most important responsibility of all – taking care of growing a healthy baby.

Our supportive, helpful team is on hand to ensure that you and the intended parents are comfortable with the surrogacy process from start to finish. If becoming a surrogate and giving the precious gift of life is something you aspire to, then complete a surrogate application today.

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