Surrogate Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in being a surrogate with Family Tree Surrogacy Center. You’re taking the first step towards giving an incredible gift.

Click here to see from which States we are able to accept surrogates from.

In order to be considered for our Surrogate Program, you must meet the minimum requirements below.

  • I am a United States citizen or legal resident

  • I am between 20-38 years old

  • I have a BMI below 32 (BMI Calculator)

  • I am a NON-smoker and don’t use tobacco in any form

  • I am NOT currently taking any anti-depressants or anxiety medications

  • I have NOT had more than 3 C-sections

  • I have one or more children of my own

  • I have NOT had more than 1 miscarriage

  • I have NOT had more than 2 abortions

  • I have NOT had more than 5 births