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It can be difficult to provide a straight answer to this question. Each case is different and there are several factors that affect how much an individual egg donor is paid. The average compensation for an egg donor in California ranges between $6,000 and $15,000, plus expenses. How much they are paid for egg donation depends on their experience and on other factors.For states that have a high demand for egg donors, such as California, donors might be paid more for their time and services. Please keep in mind that other factors, such as the costs of other services and the legal requirements of egg donation, can also vary between states.

Compensation for egg donors in California usually include the following:

  • Base payment for first time egg donors / Increased pay for repeat donors and high demand donors
  • Expenses paid for psychological screening
  • Travel expenses
  • Outside clinic monitoring expenses
  • Donor’s attorney compensation for review of the contract
  • IVF center/fertility doctor fees: medical screening, genetic testing, medication, monitoring, embryo transfer
  • Genetic counseling (if required)

As you can see, the compensation covers much more than just the cost of the egg itself. Donors are well taken care of and given all the help they might need. This includes covering legal fees and medical expenses. If you decide to become an egg donor, you can expect to receive plenty of care during your time as a donor.

A contract is drawn up between the two parties. Upon signing of this agreement, the egg donor may begin her medication cycle and the process gets underway.

An egg donor does not receive any injectable medication until all of the payments for them have been placed in a trust account. The donor will receive a portion of the total payment for their services when she starts taking injectable medication. They receive the rest of their due compensation within a few days of egg retrieval.

Family Tree Surrogacy Center in San Diego is proud to work with egg donors all across the United States. Our egg donors are all provided a base payment that begins at $6,000. Their total compensation may be higher than this depending on the quality of their eggs and how often they donate eggs. We believe it takes someone special to be an egg donor – to give up their own eggs so someone else has a chance at parenthood – and we believe that the compensation for this gift given so freely should be generous and timely.

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