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Applying to become a surrogate mother with Family Tree Surrogacy Center is easy. Using our online surrogate application form you can find out if you qualify by answering just a couple of questions. Completing our full application takes minutes and once your application has been approved you will be eligible for a $1,000 signing bonus and earnings of up to $50,000.

These are the 6 sections of our application form:

1. Qualification Questions

The first part of the application will determine if you fulfill all the requirements to become a surrogate. Some of these requirements include being between 20 – 38 years old, have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy, a non-smoker and have a Body Mass Index below 35.

2. Your Family & Living Situation

After qualifying we will ask you some questions about your family and living situation. This section includes questions about your marital status and any children you have.

3. Your Health

We need to ensure all applicants are in good physical and mental health and able to carry a child for future parents. In this section you will have an opportunity to provide details about your current diet and any food allergies you might have.

4. Your Surrogacy Journey

Multiples are very common with surrogacy. We would like to find out if you would be happy to carry twins or triplets and if you would be willing to terminate/reduce if medically necessary. Family Tree Surrogacy Center helps families from all around the world. In this section you can state who you would be willing to be matched with.

5. Your Pregnancy History

We will ask you to provide details of your previous pregnancies and a history of any complications during those pregnancies. Other questions are related to immunizations and medications.

6. About You

In the final part of the application you are given an opportunity to introduce yourself to us and intended parents. Here you can describe yourself, tell us about your hobbies and your reason for wanting to help a family by being a surrogate.

After receiving your full application and accepting you into our surrogate program, you could be matched with intended parent(s) within 48 hours! Click here to complete your online application.