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For many single men, the idea of starting a family through surrogacy is becoming very common. In the U.S. more than 2 million men are estimated to be single dads which is about 17% of the single parent population. Being single, doesn’t mean men can’t become fathers. Similar to many women who decide to wait becoming a parent, because of education or career goals, many men decide the same. Because of developments in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), single men can now become fathers by using egg donation and the help of a surrogate.

How can a single man have a baby?

The surrogacy process is the same for single men as for any other parent. IVF will be used to create an embryo that is then carried to term by a surrogate.

With gestational surrogacy, the surrogate is not genetically related to the child. While couples are usually able to use the prospective mother’s egg and father’s sperm, any single intended father will need to use an egg or sperm donor for surrogacy. This is one of the main differences between single-father surrogacy and surrogacy for couples.

Usually a surrogacy agency will help you find an egg donor and surrogate at the same time, or they may be able to make a referral to a sperm bank and egg donors within their network. Single intended fathers can also work with a known donor, such as a friend. Once you have chosen your donor, the surrogacy process will proceed as it would for any other prospective parent.

Benefits of surrogacy for single men

Hopeful men have many choices when it comes to starting a family, and single intended fathers should consider all pros and cons of surrogacy before starting the process. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of single-men surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy allows single men to become a parent, even without a partner.
  • Intended fathers have an opportunity to have a genetic tie with their child.
  • Surrogacy can create a long-term relationship with their surrogate.

But there are also some challenges that come with surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy can be costly, and single men may face additional challenges acquiring funds to support their journey.
  • Because of the higher costs for surrogacy in the United States, many prospective parents decide to find a surrogate abroad. However, some international surrogacy laws may stop single men from working with surrogates in some foreign countries.
  • Single fathers may face a stigma throughout the process and after the birth of their child.

It is up to each prospective parent to review all of the pros and cons of pursuing surrogacy depending on their situation. If you find it difficult to decide if surrogacy is right for you, get in touch with a surrogacy professional for more information.

At Family Tree Surrogacy Center, we welcome anyone who is looking to become a parent through surrogacy, no matter their marital status. With our agency, your surrogacy process will be the same as the process for married couples. As long as you successfully undergo our intake process, you will be able to complete the single father surrogacy process just as easily as any other couple would.

To begin your journey, please give us a call today at 1-619-271-4093 or email Our team can discuss the options available to you and help you take the first steps to becoming a parent.