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Surrogacy is without a doubt a huge responsibility to take on. However, by making this big decision, not only are you dedicating your time and energy to this process, but you’re also dedicating your whole body to it too. Not so many things you can do in life are as noble as helping someone start a family. Someone less fortunate than you will be able to have a family of their own, all thanks to you! We’re talking about the highest level of compassion and generosity.

The journey of surrogacy isn’t an easy one. In fact, at first, it might even seem like the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. Nevertheless, this journey carries a lot of rewards with it as well. In addition to the emotional reward of allowing someone to experience the miracle of life, there’s also a financial reward. However, for most women the experience you get of being someone’s surrogate is way more significant. The majority of surrogate mothers say there’s no greater reward than the sensation of pride after being able to witness the happiness of the receiving families.

It goes without saying that a surrogate needs to have a lot of compassion and commitment in order to even qualify. However, that alone doesn’t suffice. There are numerous factors which are crucial in order to qualify as a surrogate mother. First and foremost, there’s the health of the mother. The health of both the mother and the baby are the top priorities during the process. That means that the responsibility of the mother is to be extremely cautious throughout pregnancy.

Another important factor is the age of the potential surrogate. In fact, with the aim of creating the best chances for having a healthy baby with reducing the chances of complications and risks, all of our surrogates must be between the ages of 21 – 38.

A potential surrogate has to be in good health. On top of that, the mother has to live a stress-free life during this period of great responsibility.

Essentially, all possible risks of endangering the pregnancy have to be minimized. Being under pressure and a lot of stress during pregnancy might lead to certain negative side-effects. That’s why we work on reducing all the risk factors and complications throughout the surrogacy process.

In order to qualify as a potential surrogate mother, you need to have experience with bearing children. That’s why we require mothers who are currently raising at least one child. The reason we make this a prerequisite is that a mother already knows what the process of pregnancy feels like and that helps ensure she can carry and deliver a healthy child.

We take our time when performing a thorough check of the incoming applications to become a surrogate. In addition to the absence of any kind of criminal history, we always choose mothers who seem to be more than able to provide a reliable, healthy, and emotionally stable environment for themselves and the baby they’ll be carrying.

If you think that you’re ready to take on this great responsibility, please contact us. Our team at Family Tree Surrogacy Center go above and beyond to make this journey as enjoyable as it can be! We understand it takes great courage to be a surrogate and are more than happy to answer all of your questions.