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Family Tree Surrogacy Center, the leading surrogacy agency in California, has launched a new surrogate referral program that rewards both the referring individual, as well as new surrogates.

The referral program offers $500 for every friend that’s been referred and is successfully matched and signs a contract with their intended parents. New surrogates will also receive a $1,000 signing bonus after successfully being matched and signing contracts with their intended parents.

“Here at Family Tree Surrogacy Center, our top priority is to grow family trees globally and we couldn’t do this without the generosity of our wonderful surrogates,” says Melinda Guy, founder of Family Tree Surrogacy Center, LLC. “When our surrogates recommend us to a friend or family member, it’s the ultimate vote of confidence and lets us know we’re doing the right thing, by not only offering a generous compensation package but also providing excellent support throughout the journey of our surrogates. Our new referral program enables us to thank our surrogates for placing their trust in us and spreading the word about Family Tree Surrogacy Center.”

Here’s how it works:

Anyone joining the referral program will have a unique recommendation link that can be shared with friends via email, Facebook, Messenger, or Twitter. Referral progress is automatically tracked so users can see the status of the invitations and the number of referrals they’ve earned.

You can learn more about the surrogate referral program by visiting Family Tree Surrogacy Centers referral program page at