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Are you looking to find a surrogate in California who can help you to have children and become a parent? You’ve come to the right place. We know that you want to find a surrogate in CA easily and safely, so you’ll be able to achieve your dream of starting a family.

Finding a surrogate mother is one of the most pressing challenges involved with becoming a parent through surrogacy. Finding a surrogate that you’re able to connect with and trust seems tricky. That doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful.

With the four steps we’ve outlined below, you’ll find a California surrogate whose own surrogacy goals align with yours, allowing you to find the right person to start the journey to parenthood.

Step 1: Choose How You Want To Find a Surrogate Mother

The first thing to know is that you aren’t limited to surrogates in the same city and state as you. You can find surrogates anywhere and develop the kind of relationship you want with them. Most intended parents and surrogates actually have a long-distance partnership. Surrogates from California aren’t the only ones you can partner up with for the surrogacy process.

There are two main methods for finding a surrogate mother in California and the United States as a whole;

Finding a Surrogate with an Agency

An agency will match you with a pre-screened woman who has already signed up with the agency. Surrogacy agencies in California like these handle all the searching and screening for you. They will also provide most of the services necessary to complete the surrogacy process, if not all of them. This is why agencies are the preferred option for hopeful parents who want a complete, one-stop experience.

Finding a Surrogate Mother in California Without an Agency

You will still have to hire a surrogate attorney to go through the legal steps of the surrogacy process. Without an agency, you are responsible for finding the right California surrogate, whether you find one through personal connections, networking, or word of mouth. You are also responsible for vetting potential surrogates. Doing it yourself is the preferred method for people who are familiar with surrogacy already and understand the resources and professionals they need.

Step 2: Create a Surrogacy Plan

Learning more about how to get a surrogate mother in CA or in the United States is something that a surrogacy professional, whether it be an agency or an attorney, can help with. They will explain all of the ins and outs and choices you can make across the surrogacy process, allowing you to choose the best option for you. There are several choices you need to make during this process, so having someone who can guide you through the options will be a great help.

Each individual surrogacy process is different, and no two intended parents want – or need – the exact same thing. Everyone has their own surrogacy goals and their own individual needs. A professional can help to put together a personalized surrogacy plan tailored around your individual needs.

Step 3: Match with a California Surrogate (Or Surrogates from Across the United States!)

The process of finding a surrogate in California – and the United States as a whole – can vary depending on whether you are using an agency or not.

If you work with an agency;

After meeting the agency requirements for intended parents, families that want to find a surrogate mother in CA and find a surrogate mother in the US will be shown profiles of potential surrogates they can match with. Women signed up with the agency are also able to view your profile, giving them the chance to see if they want to carry for you. It’s a match when both parties have expressed an interest in one another.

If you want to find a surrogate in CA without an agency;

Hopeful parents who don’t have a potential surrogate in California in mind can discuss the matter with a surrogate attorney, who may help them find a surrogate. Attorneys have their own connections and may be able to recommend women who have expressed an interest in becoming your surrogate. Although attorneys in general don’t search for, screen, or match potential surrogates, they are at least able to give you recommendations on how to find a surrogate mother in California through surrogacy classifieds, “surrogacy wanted” ads, personal networking, and word-of-mouth connections. Remember that you should always use caution when hiring a surrogate from an ad or online source, as you may become the target of a scam.

Step 4: Be There for the Surrogate

Many surrogates and intended parents in California form a personal bond throughout the process, one that even reaches beyond the birth of the child. Still others like to maintain a professional relationship without as much contact. When reviewing the surrogacy contract, consider establishing the social roles you want to follow through the surrogacy process.

The most important thing when finding a surrogate is to find one that you trust and are comfortable with. After all, that surrogate is someone that you will be sharing one of the most special and important moments of your life with! Finding a surrogate in California can be easier and less stressful than you might expect with the help of experienced professionals. To learn more about finding a surrogate mother in California or across the United States, submit your information now.