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So you’ve been thinking about becoming a surrogate. You have very fond memories of raising your own children and you don’t want another deserving couple to miss out on such a special experience. Plus, it’s a great way to give back, especially to those deserving couples who aren’t able to have children themselves. Struggling with infertility can be a long and unforgiving road, but surrogacy can be the light at the end of the tunnel for many couples. And a lot of satisfaction comes with knowing that you’re helping out in this way.

Many surrogates have been in your shoes before. They wonder whether surrogacy is the right choice for them, but they aren’t quite sure how to decide once and for all if they’ll agree to carry another couple’s child. It’s completely normal to have lots of questions about how the process works and how you’ll be compensated for such a hard and unique job. So it’s understandable that one of the main questions that many women have relates to financial compensation. After all, the process is incredibly challenging.

While being compensated is necessary for surrogates, it shouldn’t be the only driving factor in your decision. Nonetheless, it will certainly be an important one. Undoubtedly, some people will question your motives whenever you decide to become a surrogate. Don’t be surprised if certain people close to you may have doubts about the surrogate mother pay rate and think that it sounds too good to be true. However, they usually don’t realize exactly what is involved in carrying a baby for someone else. Compensation for surrogates may be high in some cases, but it absolutely does not make up for the sacrifice that you are making.

Always remember the magnitude of being a surrogate – you are fulfilling a couple’s dream to have a child. While you technically can place a monetary value on that, the fact that you are accomplishing such a huge feat will be immeasurable to the couple.

Even so, it’s still normal for you to want to know what you can expect to be paid for being a surrogate. It’s difficult to quote an exact figure because it depends on so many different scenarios. Generally speaking, however, you can expect to earn between $40,000 and $50,000 as a first-time surrogate, with this figure expanding considerably based on additional pregnancies.

Those individuals who have served as surrogates before may expect to attract a much higher surrogate mother compensation. In addition, some surrogates get additional money based on several different programs and policies. For example, you may get an allowance for maternity clothes, or you may have an allowance based on the cost of your medications. You may get paid a certain amount when embryos are transferred or if you agree to pump breast milk for the baby. If you don’t have health insurance coverage, then this is provided for you and deductibles will be covered. You may also have certain costs covered if you need to take care of other children or if you lose wages when you are recovering from giving birth. Each surrogacy is different, and each couple will be different.

Here at Family Tree Surrogacy Center we offer a compensation of up to $60,000. On top of this generous compensation package surrogates are reimbursed for any expenses incurred throughout our program. Our surrogates also receive health & life insurance, a housekeeping allowance and get to enjoy our wellness program.

By all means, don’t base your entire decision on compensation—however, make certain that you understand how a surrogate mother compensation can help to account for the sacrifice that you are making. It’s your decision in the end, but keep in mind the end result and how amazing it could be for a loving and deserving couple.