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There’s no question that choosing to become a surrogate is a heroic and selfless act. Here at Family Tree Surrogacy Center we’re extremely grateful to work with amazing women who choose to do something extraordinary for families in need.

Here are some of their stories and experiences:

Family Tree Surrogacy Center is truly an amazing place! I chose them for my first journey as a surrogate and I am very pleased with how helpful and involved they have been. Monica and her team are amazing and have assisted me every step of the way during my journey. They truly took the time to listen to my needs and matched me with an amazing couple! I am so thankful.

My experience has been amazing. I looked at other agencies and Family Tree Surrogacy Center was the one I felt most comfortable with. I am so thankful for the treatment I’ve received, Monica is such a caring supportive understanding person it is a pleasure to have her there for me whenever I need. Tiffany and Krista are also so understanding and supportive. I love that I get to visit with other surrogates once a month, I am so thankful for the family I’ve been matched with, I can not believe how wonderful and rewarding being a surrogate can really be. When I considered becoming a surrogate I never imagined it would be as great as it has been. Thank you Family Tree! Thank you Monica, Tiffany, also Krista! I am currently pregnant, I had two embryos transferred and both took which is amazing, I am having a very successful journey. I cannot wait to see the intended family with their babies! – Candice, Beaumont, CA

Monica and her team welcomed me with open hearts and open arms. I had never waded
through the waters of infertility or surrogacy before, so I had a lot of questions. Monica and Family Tree Surrogacy Center answered all of my questions promptly and clearly. When I was cleared for the initial screening I went into the process confidently and supported.

I was quickly matched with a family who needed my help. I fell in love with this family and their story instantly. It’s hard not to want to help a family that is in such desperate need. While my journey wasn’t without its bumps (each of which I was able to overcome thanks to the help, love, support, and patience of Monica and her team), I was able to bless my family with the most incredible gift possible. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in November of 2016.

I would wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Family Tree Surrogacy Center to any family or person that is in search of a journey in surrogacy. Family Tree will always treat you fairly, kindly, and with love and support. – Tabby, San Diego, CA

This whole experience has been very eye opening but so incredible at the same time. I really do feel so well taken care of at FTSC. I’ve met so many really cool people too! I loved group night at Dave & Busters…you always put so much thought and heart in every meeting! Just wanted to say it doesn’t go unnoticed