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Being a surrogate mother is not only a serious commitment and responsibility but also an extremely rewarding experience. By agreeing to become a surrogate mother, you will be devoting your time, your energy and your body to help deliver the gift of life to a family less fortunate. Our surrogate applicants are pre-screened and tested to determine if they are ready to become a surrogate mom. If you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother, please go over the requirements below to determine if you’re eligible.


In order to become a surrogate in our program, you will have to meet several necessary requirements. Upon qualification, you will be asked to complete a full surrogate application in order to match you with an intended parent(s). Once we receive your full application and you have been accepted into our program you can be matched within 48 hours.


To become a surrogate mother, you must be a legal citizen or resident of the United States and be able to provide proof of such. This helps reduce the chance of complications in regards to your citizenship where deportation or legal consequences interfere with our surrogate program.

A psychological, drug and criminal screening must be approved by you to be performed before you are qualified to become a surrogate mother. This information helps us rule out the risk of the pregnancy or yourself being harmed.


Several different physical factors are taken into account to determine whether you will be able to carry a pregnancy to term safely. These factors pose risks that may cause harmful complications to the pregnancy or put you in danger if not ruled out first.


Potential surrogates must be currently raising at least one child with significant time and devotion to the care of your child(ren) on your part. This helps minimize the chance that the pregnancy will have a disruptive impact on your life, reducing the effects of stress.

Having a stable and solid network of support within your life helps significantly reduce physical or emotional stress. We prefer that at least one close family member, partner or friend devotes their time to help you when needed.

Our staff at Family Tree Surrogacy Center understand first-hand the process of surrogacy and provide essential support to our surrogate mothers every step of the way.

If you think you meet the requirements for surrogate mothers and are ready to begin, please start your application online. Please contact us if you have any questions about the application process or for further information.